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3 TOP nurseries

3 TOP nurseries

While Instagram is a great space to scroll for 'inspo', at times it feels like a small world. Influencers influencing brand reps, brand reps influencing their followers, and sometimes we keep seeing rooms that are similar to each other.

I always believe in creating rather than following, and in speaking about yourself rather than trying to replicate what somebody else is doing.

By staying true to a story and following a concept, rather than a stylistic trend, designers can come up with new products or interiors that are versatile and timeless enough to be used in different environments.

Today I wanted to give you three examples of gorgeous nurseries that our quilts would complement beautifully. And, by the way, I have not found these rooms on Instagram, they were in Pinterest!



Scandi retreat

What a classy, clean and refreshing room. I am loving the washed timber, the play with lines in the wall storage and the bed frame, the basic colour palette that allow to bring accents through soft furnishings.

Can you visualise our Rangamati quilt here? In 'night' it would be an interesting accent to ground the room together and our pattern would mirror the beautiful game of lines that goes on here.

Whereas in 'koala blue' it would blend in with the colour palette and the focus would be on the texture.

Desert dreams

I personally think that the terms 'boho style', and 'bohemian style' are loosely being overused for a while now. We call 'bohemian' any room that has natural textures, a bit of rattan/cane and an earthy colour palette - although this is topic for a new post which I might need to do soon.

I love how this room keeps a contemporary look with a gorgeous classic looking cot and floor lamp - may I say that perhaps the lamp is not great for hurricane babies like mine, who would hang from it in no time. The addition of ethnic accessories takes me back to the Sahara, and that moon wallpaper reminds of a night spent sleeping under the stars.

Our Destellos quilt in 'papaya' would have a similar effect to the beautiful mustardy blanket hanging on the cot, adding that touch of colour. And if we used Destellos 'golden mist' it would blend in with the soft tones of the ottoman, adding yet another pattern without being overwhelming.

Simply natural

Ok, if you insist, this might be the most 'boho' of all nurseries here ;) Still I believe it could be seen as slightly South American with those 'chumberas' and the cow hide. What do you think?

The most amazing thing about this nursery is how it has been kept super neutral and all the materials and finishes are simply natural. Although again the step ladder and the cactus I can see them as a bit of a hazard - I am such a mum and cannot help it!!

The bright and airy feel of this nursery calls for using bed linen in equally soft and subtle tones, so definitely in this one I would go for our Destellos 'golden mist' quilt.

I hope you loved these three nurseries, I hope they were all new to you as well as refreshing... and I hope they gave you good inspiration on how our gorgeous quilts can complement different decorative styles.

Drop me a comment if you have any questions or want to let me know your thoughts on my 'bohemian' ranting :D


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