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Print Hanger DIY

Print Hanger DIY

The first time I did this was while still pregnant, using some balsa wood left over from making models as an Interior Designer. Although balsa wood is a bit fragile, it's just going to sit pretty on the wall, so we don't really need to use hardwood do we?!

Besides it has many other benefits such as being light weight, a lovely colour that blends in nicely with scandi styling, it's easy to source at your local craft store, very affordable, and it comes in lots of sizes and shapes, so you can actually get creative with it. And being so soft and easy to cut, you don't need major tools to follow this tutorial.

To start with, you need to pick a print that you want to frame, and...

list of what you will need

cut two pieces of balsa wood

punch two wholes

Once you put the thread through the wholes...

thread through the wholes and sticky tape

adjust the height as you wish

I use these hooks from The Wall Collective. You can take off the front bit so it allows me to roll the thread around it to the height that I want, then I cover it, and it looks pretty awesome!

styled for girls

styled for boys

I hope you got some inspiration! If you do follow this tutorial tag me in your pics, because I would loooove to see how your prints look! By the way the prints featured here are my designs, available in our website as jpeg printables in 3 different sizes... check them out!

Until next time 



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