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The drive in my life

The drive in my life

I took my son to a playground this afternoon. He was having a great time crawling and getting dirty. The forecast was rain, and after seeing a few grey clouds, I put him in the pram and started wiping his hands. Of course he wasn't too happy that his fun got interrupted when he was only getting started!

Then I thought to myself: 'Well, he doesn't know that it's going to rain so he doesn't understand what's happening'. I questioned myself: 'Is it really better to "know" what's going to happen, and to let this rule every decision you make?' or

'Should I stop trying to always know what is next, let go, and perhaps I will dance under the rain?'

I took him out of the pram and put him back on the ground. As the clouds passed, a light drizzle fell while the sun was still up. The clouds left, and I realised once again, how much this free minded little human is teaching me.

For many years I have dreamt of creating my own business, but never had quite felt confident or prepared enough. Now my wild little human is my drive to let go, and I am putting myself out here, with what I love to do. Follow me in this creative journey. Let's dance under the rain. Let's change the world, one design at a time.

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  • Apr 22, 2018

    I love it how open you are to such things and how positive! Yes, we all need to let go and enjoy the journey. Took me years to take the plunge with my business too. I really like what you do and your approach to it all, definitely lots to learn ftom you, Georgina! Thanks ❤️

    — Olga

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